Few informations on mortgage laws

There are so many laws and regulations that govern the mortgage industry. These laws are set in such a way that they can protect not only the consumers/borrowers but also the laws are on the lending procedures of the lenders, the banks and also the mortgage companies.

Each and every borrower has to go through these entire rules. The borrower as well as the lender should know about these mortgage laws. Sometimes we come across few mortgage cases where we get information that these rules are manipulated in order to achieve some illegal procedures of mortgage and get some benefit out of that. These mortgage scams are not supposed to be practiced.

Few housing or mortgage laws are:

1. Home Mortgage Disclosure Act
2. Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act
3. New Homeowners Protection Act
4. Truth in Lending Act

There are more laws on mortgage which protects the right of the borrower's as well as the lender's.The person who is taking a mortgage should be aware of these mortgage laws. These laws will protect the individual from getting into any illegal practices.These will minimize the scams to happen.

There are many websites available on the web which gives lots of news on mortgage cases. People who are planning to take some mortgage should go through these kind of sites where the scams are published. So that they can protect themselves from the scams with the help of the laws.

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