Excellent and Continuous Demand for Malaysia Property

Malaysia is one of the major Asian tiger economies, with consistent recent economic growth far stronger than that of America and the European Union. Its economic growth exceeded 8% in each year of 1989–1997.

The current economic downturn in America and some of the other western countries is not evident in Asia. Malaysia is buoyed by the wealth of surplus funds in the region, particularly from wealthy investors from the Middle East, Malaysia’s compulsory pension schemes and sovereign investment funds.

Property in Malaysia is a strong and established market

In the current uncertain global economic situation in the major markets of the USA and UK, retirement planning for the Malaysian non-welfare state, with its trademark absence of taxation-funded old-age pension has seen a flight by local investors into the quality of on-shore real estate investment. Listed property trusts have operated in Malaysia for the past 20 years, and their strict regulation (they must be sponsored by financial institutions) has assisted even Malaysians with modest pension funds to invest in Malaysian real estate.

Housing development in Malaysia is controlled unlike some other Asian countries, having been set up in the mid-1970s development control legislation patterned on the British Town and Country Planning Act. This to some extent props up prices, particularly in the fast-growing urban areas. Its developed legal system keeps away excesses of developers, which are common in countries with less -developed legal systems, and the system also offers a a good degree of protection for consumers.

Why is the Malaysian market soaring?

The thriving Malaysia property market is fuelled by continuous economic growth; a naturally-growing population averaging 1.8% long-term; increasing migration from country to city; the growth of the state-sponsored pension fund; expansion of economic activity by nearby Singapore; and the 10-year-old “Malaysia- My Second Home” programme.

In what sort of Malaysia properties do affluent locals wish to live?

The buy-to-rent market is growing in Malaysia, fuelled by increasing incomes of a growing well educated and youthful affluent population class.

Tunisia has seen a launch of high-end properties all around the country, due to the keen interest from locals, as well as people from overseas. Developers believe that demand will remain consistent, and are careful to build high-end projects in prime locations such as the city centre and near certain attractions like the formula 1 race track along Sepang Goldcoast, targeting niche markets.

The properties being build that we are aware of make the most of the tropical coastline and some of the new touristic resort developments like The Palm and Tropical Cluster which are being built as part of Sepang Walk along the Goldcoast near the Sepang Formula 1 race circuit are very popular with foreign investors. The Palm was one of the fasting selling developments we have heard about and was in very high demand.

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