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The choice of an Introducing Broker can make or mar a traderís fortunes in the forex market. So it is very important for you to find out the services offered by the IB to make your journey into forex trading profitable. And if this service is offered in the form of a guide, as Forex Trading Pal has done, can there be a better offering?

The guide elaborates on the details of working the market, providing salient tips to give traders the necessary edge in cornering a share of the financial pie. From the role of an information provider to a friend holding the traderís hand, the guide weaves in adequate details in an interesting and sequential manner.

Right info-visual mix

Attractively packaged with the right mix of information and visuals, Forex Trading Palís guide has something for every trader, be it the novice trader or the seasoned expert. In easy-to-understand, neatly presented language, the guide explains the tricks of the trade, the intricacies of the market, and the ways to overcome the financial maze to your advantage. This is where the site, with its valuable experience as a front runner in the pool of IBs for several years, has the leading edge to add value to a clientís trading.

Whatís on offer at Forextradingpalís Guide

The guide is broken up into compact sections, progressing in an orderly fashion from the basic to the advanced.

While advising the trader on the need to find a sound clearing firm, the guide provides information on the self-regulatory body NFA and the need for using its site to check out on any existing complaints against firms. Similarly, a trader is led to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission to check up aspects of a firmís capitalization. Forex Trading Palís professionalism comes through in its presentation of the guide.

So now that you have a friend in Forex Trading Pal, why waste time? Join the forex community at and reap the benefits!

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