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No matter what type of property (Townhouse, Riad, Villa, Apartment etc...) you are looking for and what area of Morocco you are interested in this guide will help.

The Guide Includes;

Essential Information about how to communicate and get along with the locals
Things to see and do when in Morocco
The law and property buying process
Off Plan property purchasing law
Property Taxes in Morocco

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  • If you are looking to buy property in Morocco our guide will point you in the right direction.

  • You will learn about about the country and culture and if you have not yet visited Morocco and are looking forward to a future trip then this guide will wet your appetite for the adventure ahead.

  • We have included interesting facts, places to visit, and things to do as well as useful information like the cost of living and local facilities.

  • Information about the economy, details about the investment opportunities including top developments and reasons why investors are buying in Morocco are included.

  • We have also included property buying procedures, the role of the Notary, Mortgages, and Tax information.

  • You will also learn about Buyer bewares and things to watch out for – essential Information & useful Resources.

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